Périgord's museums

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If you would like to discover the Dordogne's historic and cultural heritage during your stay, take a look at our selection of museums that are definitely worth a visit. 


Périgord's museums

If you would like to discover the Dordogne's historic and cultural heritage during your stay, take a look at our selection of museums that are definitely worth a visit. 



National Prehistory Museum - Les Eyzies-de-Tayac

A fascinating journey back to the Paleolithic era !  The different rooms at the Musée national de préhistoire display thousands of tools made from stone, jewellery made from bones and ivory, engraved and sculpted blocks, crayons used in the Lascaux caves, a larger than life statue of a prehistoric man...  After your tour you can visit the nearby caves.


Art and Archeology museum of Périgord - Périgueux

Discover the history of visual art from Prehistory to the present day at the musée d’art et d’archéologie du Périgord : permanent exhibtions (2000m²), outstanding achaeological collections including sharpened flints (400 000 BC), fossil skeletons (90 000 BC), unique pieces and painted and engraved portable art as well as ethnographic collections from Africa and Oceania, sculpted decorations from the Middle Ages, paintings, sculptures, furnishings and objects of art from the 16th century to the present day.


Vesunna Gallo-Roman museum - Périgueux

The site-musée gallo-romain boasts a rich archaeological collection on ancient Périgueux : blocks of architecture, sculptures, headstones, finery, wall paintings, ceramics, objects of daily life... as well as models of the town and main monuments which show the importance of the ancient City of Petrocores.


Military Museum of Périgord - Périgueux

A maze of rooms and corridors on three levels which house hundreds of objects and documents which retrace the daily life of soldiers in the Middle Ages up until the Indochine and Algeria wars.  The Musée Militaire exhibits an impressive collection of arms, uniforms, decorations, spoils of war, letters, medieval coats of mail, armour, artillery etc...


Maison du Foie Gras - Thiviers

Located in Thiviers, the capital of Périgord's foie gras, the Museum of Foie Gras, is the place to go to discover the local gastronomic culture through a mouthwatering visit that will make your stomach rumble !  On the programme : 450 m² of scenography devoted entirely to ducks and geese which tells you of the history of this delicacy through the centuries.


Truffle Ecomuseum - Sorges

A visit to the Écomusée de la Truffe in Sorges located within a renovated farm will teach you everything you need to know about Périgord's truffle industry : how to find truffles, grow them and cook them.  After visiting the museum, follow the path through the truffle patch !


Chai wine museum - Lardimalie

Located in the middle of the vineyards, the Musée du Chai de Lardimalie plunges you into the daily life of wine growing.  Everything has been left on the site : machines, tools, tuns and barrels.


Museum of Popular Art and Traditions André Voulgre - Mussidan

Discover this remarkable museographic ensemble located within a beautiful 18th century mansion, home to collections of objects from the past evoking the evolution of society in Périgord through litterature, art, daily life and the evolution of techniques from the 18th century to the present day.


Museum of Medicine - Hautefort

Discover the medical world from the 17th century to the present day through a collection of instruments, medical publications, unusual objects used by doctors, dentists, surgeons and chemists at the Musée de la médecine de Hautefort.  On the programme : reconstruction of rooms, paintings from 19th century Italian artists, ancient liturgical clothing, medicine from yesteryear, rare books (including a copy of VIDAL dated 1928)...


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